Privacy Policy

Hi there! You must be concerned about your privacy if you're reading this message. Your time is valuable so we'll keep it simple.

  • We collect your email address and temporarily store your IP address. We collect no other personal information from you. Your IP address is stored temporarily for at most 72 hours in order to process clicks on the download buttons or the "Sign up / Use code" button. It allows us to correctly determine the initial button you interacted with by dismissing further such clicks from your IP. We use this information solely for statistical purposes and we do not associate this data with your account. After at most 72 hours your IP address is 100% deleted.
  • We'll use your email address by adding you to our waiting list of interested users, send you occasional updates that include an opt-out link, and let you know when our service is ready to use.
    The first and last three characters of your email address will be publicly displayed to anyone checking their leaderboard position. Anyone having your email address can determine whether or not you're signed up to our service.
    At the end of the Referral Contest (see our Terms & Conditions), winners' email addresses may be partially shown in our social media posts in order to demonstrate the transparency of the contest.
  • Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixel.
    Our website uses the Facebook Pixel service from Facebook Inc. This tool allows us to follow the actions of users after they are redirected to our website by clicking on a Facebook advertisement. This way, we are able to measure efficiency of Facebook advertisements for statistical and market research purposes. The collected data is anonymous, i.e. we cannot see the personal data of any individual user. However, the collected data are saved and processed by Facebook.
    You can find more on Facebook's Data Policy at
  • We promise not to transfer your information to a 3rd party service that are not directly required for us to perform business.
  • Every email we send will include a link to opt out of any future communication. You can also email us directly if you wish for your data to be 100% deleted.

That's all for now! This policy may be changed in the future, but we realize that you're paying us with your attention and it's our goal to respect that transaction.